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I didn’t know what to say, how to react. How do you react to something like this?
I could only feel. My heart was pounding, my breathing was starting to become erratic. This had to stop. I laid a hand on the center of his chest. I could feel his diaphragm expanding as he breathed me in. That was it, and I knew I was lost.

I took a step forward and he smiled. That smile that Nickelback wrote about in Rockstar – ‘They’ll get you anything With that evil smile ’.

And then he slipped away, ephemeral, a dream, an imagination.

But he was there, I could see him still. I moved forward again, the smile became wicked, I was in his arms but he had sucked his lips in. There would be no kisses for me. That was okay. My lips were painted red. We would have ended up looking like clowns. I held him tight, and he held me. I felt so safe and oh so warm inside.

With another smile he let me go, and I walked away.

Smiling at my dream, buoyed by the idea of a man who may not exist, but was terribly real in that one moment.



Falling in Love Makes You Crazy

Posted: July 20, 2014 by Arushi in Thoughts
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Think about it.

Or not. Read the post. Its better for my blog.

You are usually this sane (ish) person and then you fall in love with someone (I am not judging!) and life becomes weird:

You can actually distinguish the romantic songs now which used to be just meaningless noise in the background – unless they were already your kind of music. If not, yeah, its only now you realized that the song your gym has been playing for two months has sappy lyrics along with a peppy beat.

You click on almost all of the links “talking” about relationships on facebook and twitter, because you never know what you might learn.

You actually relate to said articles. Sometimes you worry that you might eventually relate to said articles.

There are times when your thoughts are centered on one person and one person only, so much so, that you simply do not notice what is happening around you.

Your happiness becomes directly proportional to the amount and type of communication you’ve had with a certain person you’re going crazy over.

Of course, if said person is going as crazy as you are, at least others can take peace in the fact they are dealing with only one of you. Unless you’re together, then… need I even say it?

If you doubt, even a little bit, that said person is not as crazy as you are, then you find yourself becoming a new brand of crazy. Where you over analyze everything until even you wonder just how in hell did you come to this?!

Now that all of that has been said and done, here is the good part:

Just thinking about a person, something they did, said or even an expression can not just make you smile, it can make your whole day.

Talking to them is like breathing in pollution free air. It makes you feel totally alive.

All you have to do is see them and everything becomes great. Especially when things are not so great. They let you take a small break, no matter what.

They can make you feel at home. No matter where you are.

It’s the little things they do, like pushing back your car seat so you’re not in direct sunlight, or even just checking on you, that let you know that they care, in their own way.

You may want to smack them at times, but you also know that even if you got another chance, your choice would stay the same.

And the best part? You mean as much to them as they do to you.