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I didn’t know what to say, how to react. How do you react to something like this?
I could only feel. My heart was pounding, my breathing was starting to become erratic. This had to stop. I laid a hand on the center of his chest. I could feel his diaphragm expanding as he breathed me in. That was it, and I knew I was lost.

I took a step forward and he smiled. That smile that Nickelback wrote about in Rockstar – ‘They’ll get you anything With that evil smile ’.

And then he slipped away, ephemeral, a dream, an imagination.

But he was there, I could see him still. I moved forward again, the smile became wicked, I was in his arms but he had sucked his lips in. There would be no kisses for me. That was okay. My lips were painted red. We would have ended up looking like clowns. I held him tight, and he held me. I felt so safe and oh so warm inside.

With another smile he let me go, and I walked away.

Smiling at my dream, buoyed by the idea of a man who may not exist, but was terribly real in that one moment.




Posted: September 22, 2015 by Arushi in Thoughts
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Do not write what you are feeling right now. Do not do it. Write about something else, anything else. Write with so much passion, that you can change how you feel. So that you forget what you were feeling, what you needed to vent, and can only remember what you are writing about.

Let each word give you catharsis. Let it give you freedom. No. Demand freedom. It is your right and you are only bound by the chains that you have allowed. Break them. Shatter them Grind them to dust.

Know that it hurts. Hurts you. Hurts others. Know that it is not easy. Do it anyway. Break something. Build something. Allow the world to collapse around you. No. Burn it down. If it does not make you happy. Make a new world on the ashes. You will miss what you have lost. But you have to move on. It might hurt. It might be lonely. But continuing is not an option. Never an option.

Do not be the phoenix who rises from the ashes, the same as before, if fresh. Be the arsonist. Burn it all and leave unscathed, yet filled with the memory. Learn from the experience, but do not become the experience.

Get hurt. Forgive. Not for them. For you.

Live. No matter what they say. They live their own lives. No one has the right to mess with yours.

Be. Yourself.


Posted: June 10, 2015 by Arushi in Original Fiction, poetry
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Soft, your breath on my skin
Even as u you pant
Hard, your hold upon me
As if
If we could just be close enough
For days
Your back bears my marks
Glowing with light from my phone’s screen
I’ll never forget how you look
Wrapped up in me
Savagely beautiful
Brutally gentle
All mine


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Broken is the place you saw
broken is the heart is you left
broken is the soul you forgot
broken is it all
but none of it will take you back
Shatter glass and it forever bears the scars
but ground it to glittering dust
and there is nothing left to scar
it can only melt
and become something else
something new, something different
whole, complete
without marks of you


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I look at you and I see nothing
Nothing of the man who had wooed me
I feel tricked, cheated
Cracks spiderweb into our life
I remember every word u ever spoke
Every time an action falls short
You break another promise to my heart
Another piece of my soul is shattered
And I know slowly I will lose it all
Because you lied
You didn’t tell me you were broken
And now in trying to find the unbroken you
I’ll be the one beyond repair

Boxes and Dreams

Posted: September 1, 2014 by Arushi in Thoughts
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It was a simpler world into which they had been born. It was a different time, a different generation. There was not much you could be. You were limited not just by your mind. You were what you were told to be.  

And maybe, that is what you still are. Not because there is no other choice. Because those who dreamed always found a way. They still do. 

There is always a rebel who does what others thought impossible. From the Eklavya who learned archery to the graffiti artist next block over, the one who truly has talent, the one who truly wants to be, makes a path. They might not find it, they may have to chop the undergrowth themselves but they do and they pave it in bones and stone.

Then, you were limited. No matter who you were, you were limited and to be anything else, you had to fight. To rebel. Because it was an ordered world, divided into neat little lines and neat little boxes. Boxes that still exist but whose walls are being kicked down every day. 

Now, you can be anything. All you need to do is dream. Expand your own mind because that is what truly limits you. Nothing else can hold you back as much as you can. 

Dream bigger, wider. After all, we’re here only once. Why aim low? 


Want Me

Posted: August 31, 2014 by Arushi in Original Fiction
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Recently I read some very good short fiction, some of it from a friend who posts her stuff here. So I was feeling a bit inspired (in a sense). Here is the result: 

I called him because that is what I thought I should do. He answered because that is what he thought he should do. Funny word, ‘should’.

It was only later that I realized I was doing it because I wanted to. He because he had to. And that made too much of a difference. That little place under my sternum started to hurt, to ache. Then the pain started to spread.

It ached and ached and the worst of it was, he saw it. He knew he caused it. But he just did not understand.

He didn’t understand that it wasn’t about what could be or what could not. It was about what he wanted. About how much he wanted me. If I mattered to him in the same way in which he had consumed me.  

I went on a drive to think. To clear my head.  

Later they said I nearly died. That there was a semi and the car had wrecked. The piece of glass almost punched through my heart. I told them of course it couldn’t. He’d carved my heart out a long time ago, piece by piece. There was nothing left to cut.