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I didn’t know what to say, how to react. How do you react to something like this?
I could only feel. My heart was pounding, my breathing was starting to become erratic. This had to stop. I laid a hand on the center of his chest. I could feel his diaphragm expanding as he breathed me in. That was it, and I knew I was lost.

I took a step forward and he smiled. That smile that Nickelback wrote about in Rockstar – ‘They’ll get you anything With that evil smile ’.

And then he slipped away, ephemeral, a dream, an imagination.

But he was there, I could see him still. I moved forward again, the smile became wicked, I was in his arms but he had sucked his lips in. There would be no kisses for me. That was okay. My lips were painted red. We would have ended up looking like clowns. I held him tight, and he held me. I felt so safe and oh so warm inside.

With another smile he let me go, and I walked away.

Smiling at my dream, buoyed by the idea of a man who may not exist, but was terribly real in that one moment.




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Soft, your breath on my skin
Even as u you pant
Hard, your hold upon me
As if
If we could just be close enough
For days
Your back bears my marks
Glowing with light from my phone’s screen
I’ll never forget how you look
Wrapped up in me
Savagely beautiful
Brutally gentle
All mine


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Broken is the place you saw
broken is the heart is you left
broken is the soul you forgot
broken is it all
but none of it will take you back
Shatter glass and it forever bears the scars
but ground it to glittering dust
and there is nothing left to scar
it can only melt
and become something else
something new, something different
whole, complete
without marks of you

The Call

Posted: September 6, 2014 by Arushi in Original Fiction
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Her head throbbed. Literally throbbed with pain while she tried to sleep. Then her phone rang. She knew she should not receive that call. That nothing would come out of talking to anyone right now.

She answered.

It went the way she had expected it to. She talked, but she said far more than she should have. All the barriers, all the filters were down. Lost in the haze of pain and sleep.

She told the truth as she saw it. She spoke of her fears, things she thought would never cross her lips. She knew it wasn’t the complete truth. She knew there were other sides to her stories, but she did not know them. She just knew she ached. She hurt. And she wanted to tell someone.

She did not do pain well. She did not do separation well either. It drove her on edge, made her question everything. She needed to see with her eyes, feel with her hands, otherwise it all felt like smoke to her.

She talked of trust, afraid, so terribly afraid that once it was lost, it could never go back to the way it was. That it would always bear the marks of her actions. So scared, so completely, of losing something she loved, she knew she was holding on too tightly. She had no idea how to let go. Halfway was not something she could do.

The telephone operator sighed. “I just called to tell you about this new insurance policy we have.” He said, exasperated.

She felt the beginning of a smile. “I don’t think I’ll be taking it. But thanks anyways.”

The line went dead and she went back to sleep.

The Recipe

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It was a beautiful day. She felt as if all she had to do was reach out and she would be able to grab anything she wanted. As if she could stretch out her hand and grasp the world with it. 

Then she saw his smile. For one moment the world ceased to matter. It was a rare thing. That smile. It held a dash of joy and a pinch of mischief. And then there was the happiness. She hadn’t known a smile could hold so many ingredients. 

She watched, silent. Charmed and captivated. 

It didn’t take long to see she was not the only one who watched. When their eyes met, that smile gained just a hint of affection and a promise of more. It was only later he told her that it was her smile that had consumed him. 


There are so many quirks to every personality. I find it infinitely easier to share my stories over the internet compared to even my closest friends. Of course, I have time and again harassed my friends into listening to my stories and they have done it, heck telling them has actually given me insights on how to move forward plenty of times, but still.

Revealing something you have created, no matter what the form, is scary. It is hard to put something you cherished, something into which you poured your heart and soul, out there and hope for the best. I laud those people who have the guts to do this. 

Since 2007 I have been putting up my stories on (FFN) and yet it was only in 2010 that I finally made an account on (FP) under my real name. A lot of the stories are the same, because while I tended to borrow character names (and sometimes personalities) I prefer my stories to be original. Still, I can never let go of FFN, not completely, not the least of which is because of the large number of readers I have gained there over the years.

Weirdly, I have never had a problem with criticism. To me, if someone cared enough about my work to actually say something, that is a compliment in and of itself.

The only thing I really wonder about it, what facet of my personality is shining through my words and when. And how much of myself do I actually want to reveal. The same thing applied when I started this blog. Even now, I am writing a story and posting it regularly on FFN, FP and Wattpad but it has yet to be spoken about here even once.

When I write, I have space only for the actual writing but later, it is harder to push all this away. Which is why I am really glad for the fact that I can post each chapter as soon as I write it – so I do not over think it.

I am going to be brave. Because I promised a friend. Because I wanted to make a resolution, and there can be nothing better.

Here is the link to Arranged and the blurb:

Kaira and Lucian come from two families who have had an uneasy truce for as long as anyone could remember. Now for some reason, the parents want them to get together to present a ‘united front’ to a common enemy. Kaira calls bullshit but Lucian is interested. It seems like as good a chance as any to finally start dating someone he has wanted for a long while and been secretly friends with for over a decade. First though he has to convince Kaira, who has a penchant of shooting first and asking questions never. Complicating matters is the tiny problem of a gang war and of course, Kaira’s and Lucian’s siblings who thrive on mayhem.

This is a story I am in the process of writing and upload chapter by chapter. Do let me know what you think 🙂 and yes, I really do want to know.