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Posted: September 22, 2015 by Arushi in Thoughts
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Do not write what you are feeling right now. Do not do it. Write about something else, anything else. Write with so much passion, that you can change how you feel. So that you forget what you were feeling, what you needed to vent, and can only remember what you are writing about.

Let each word give you catharsis. Let it give you freedom. No. Demand freedom. It is your right and you are only bound by the chains that you have allowed. Break them. Shatter them Grind them to dust.

Know that it hurts. Hurts you. Hurts others. Know that it is not easy. Do it anyway. Break something. Build something. Allow the world to collapse around you. No. Burn it down. If it does not make you happy. Make a new world on the ashes. You will miss what you have lost. But you have to move on. It might hurt. It might be lonely. But continuing is not an option. Never an option.

Do not be the phoenix who rises from the ashes, the same as before, if fresh. Be the arsonist. Burn it all and leave unscathed, yet filled with the memory. Learn from the experience, but do not become the experience.

Get hurt. Forgive. Not for them. For you.

Live. No matter what they say. They live their own lives. No one has the right to mess with yours.

Be. Yourself.


Biting More

Posted: January 25, 2013 by Arushi in Thoughts
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There is a piece of advice prevalent almost everywhere: don’t bite off more than you can chew. There are reasons why this advice came to be. It was not just because a person would fail, but because they might succeed and that would be bad.

Success is good. Of course success is good. Unsustainable success though? It heads straight towards a crash. The greater the success, the bigger the crash. I sound so very demoralizing. But the crash I am talking about does not necessarily have to do with a crash of the actual achievements, but the crash of the person.

Let’s try this: I have been really busy with work. I had a deadline and most of us know what a horrendous yet motivating thing a deadline is. So for a month, especially in the last two weeks of said month, I was buried. So once that month is over, everyone expected me to take a break, unwind, relax.

What did I do? Jumped right back into it because there was another deadline, another assignment. Three days later that was done because I had kept up on my regular work during the previous assignment. Insert applause. As if.

The reality is, that for that month, I had next to no life. My creativity went out the window and I was prickly enough to be a porcupine. Then I took on more things to do, because everything had taken a backseat while I suffered through my deadline and now that backseat was overflowing. The result? I spend one day out in slightly chilly weather and I am mostly sick. What am I doing? Nothing. I am happy to be in bed all day for a change. I am catching up on sleep. I am happy to be blogging. I am happy to be me.

I should have known to take a break but simply put there was no time. Now I have time. Even if I had not fallen slightly sick, I do indeed finally have the time because thankfully I do not work for a slave-driver. There is a lit fest in town and we’re all happily camped there instead of inside the four walls of our office. The four walls that keep me warm and toasty. They are also the ones that made me think it was warm enough to walk around with just a sleeveless jacket instead of a real jacket.

I am never going to hear the end of that one.

But overall, this mild crash comes at a good time. But it makes me wonder, what if the timing had been bad? After all, running ourselves ragged is what we do on a regular basis. Well, at the end of the day, I guess we work when we have to and hope that there is time to insert a small break in there somewhere to unwind and relax. For me, it also involves a good book.

Speaking of that, my eventual fall, was from not being prepared for the cold at a lit fest. Well, I also had the chance to hear in person some amazing authors at this lit fest and hopefully once I have rested today, I will be going back again tomorrow (but with a real jacket this time).

But what made yesterday really memorable, was the author Richard Beard.

I attended his session and then trailed after him and his co-panelist Nicholas Hogg to the author book-signing table. They had spoken in the session The Art of the Short Story with Yiyun Li and Anjum Hasan. Now I really wanted to hear three of these authors and I was really tired of Ms. Hasan by the end coz she would not shut up! But leaving her aside, I got to talk to Richard Beard after the session. He was really nice and now I have a signed copy of his book, Lazarus is dead! The book is also from him, coz the bookstore did not have any of his books. Expect a review here soon 🙂

Moral of the story? There is no moral. Just be sure to be the first one to speak to an author right after their session and if you’re lucky, they might just give you a book and sign it too 🙂 Oh and take a break before burning out. Breaks happen on your time, burn-outs, not so much.

Life is good as I take this tiny window of a break. Tomorrow it’s back to the fest and after that, back to work. Would not have it any other way.