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I didn’t know what to say, how to react. How do you react to something like this?
I could only feel. My heart was pounding, my breathing was starting to become erratic. This had to stop. I laid a hand on the center of his chest. I could feel his diaphragm expanding as he breathed me in. That was it, and I knew I was lost.

I took a step forward and he smiled. That smile that Nickelback wrote about in Rockstar – ‘They’ll get you anything With that evil smile ’.

And then he slipped away, ephemeral, a dream, an imagination.

But he was there, I could see him still. I moved forward again, the smile became wicked, I was in his arms but he had sucked his lips in. There would be no kisses for me. That was okay. My lips were painted red. We would have ended up looking like clowns. I held him tight, and he held me. I felt so safe and oh so warm inside.

With another smile he let me go, and I walked away.

Smiling at my dream, buoyed by the idea of a man who may not exist, but was terribly real in that one moment.



Mr Right

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This is not written by me, but by a friend, for, and to an extent of, me. Her blog is here, but this post is not.

It is better for the soul to remember the good, to acknowledge it, to believe in it and to relive it. To simply remember the good again and again and leave no place for the negative…

People are probably gonna ask me for the rest of my life “what was it about him?”.

Maybe one day I’ll come up with a better, more interesting answer, but the truth is I don’t know.

My parents wanted me to meet this guy and, out of respect for them – and because it never really crossed my mind that it would amount to anything – I agreed. After all, the worst that could happen was a short, awkward phone conversation.

They gave me his number and told me he was expecting me to call. I rolled my eyes as I dialed, wondering for how long they were going to keep trying.

He picked up after the third ring and for once, I couldn’t think of anything clever to say.

He asked me to give him five minutes of my time, so he could tell me a bit about himself, the kind of life we wanted and the sort of person he could see himself sharing his life with.

It took way more than five minutes, but I didn’t mind it at all. I could tell he was being honest and I found it incredibly disarming. And kinda sexy.

I couldn’t help but to be truthful as well, and ended up telling this stranger things very little people, if anyone at all, knew about me.

It took my phone beeping, to let me know the battery was dying, for us both to realize that five hours had passed since our first hello. I didn’t want to hang up.

The conversation had moved past the both of us and we had discussed our families, literature, politics, movies…

It was so very refreshing and I felt myself blush, thinking I could had forgotten everything and just kept on talking forever. But alas, we both needed to work in the morning and he promised we would talk again soon.

I decided I was going to marry him in the time it took me to say “goodnight”.

I took a deep breath and went to bed, wishing “soon” would come sooner.


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Soft, your breath on my skin
Even as u you pant
Hard, your hold upon me
As if
If we could just be close enough
For days
Your back bears my marks
Glowing with light from my phone’s screen
I’ll never forget how you look
Wrapped up in me
Savagely beautiful
Brutally gentle
All mine


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Broken is the place you saw
broken is the heart is you left
broken is the soul you forgot
broken is it all
but none of it will take you back
Shatter glass and it forever bears the scars
but ground it to glittering dust
and there is nothing left to scar
it can only melt
and become something else
something new, something different
whole, complete
without marks of you


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I look at you and I see nothing
Nothing of the man who had wooed me
I feel tricked, cheated
Cracks spiderweb into our life
I remember every word u ever spoke
Every time an action falls short
You break another promise to my heart
Another piece of my soul is shattered
And I know slowly I will lose it all
Because you lied
You didn’t tell me you were broken
And now in trying to find the unbroken you
I’ll be the one beyond repair


Posted: May 29, 2015 by Arushi in Original Fiction, poetry

I stood there in the rain
Feeling lost, confused in my pain
You I bled for every cut that I had ever felt
And when you just took it
I slashed so much deeper
That much harder
But you never came close enough
To push the blade aside
To hold me close
And tell me it’d be all right
To make me stop
And make us one
You got all the blame
My love turning slowly to ash n flame
I am dying with it
Inside and out
Only you can make me rise like a phoenix
Or let me go forever into the abyss

It Falls

Posted: May 28, 2015 by Arushi in Original Fiction, poetry

Come home to me
Help me sleep
Keep away the pain
Remind me of our life
The happier times
Before we walked the road paved with good intentions
Be here
Or be nowhere
Leave me so empty
I can hear my breath rattle
When it finally leaves
Marking me for a snake
N u my Adam n my eve