What a Wonderful World

Posted: June 18, 2016 by Arushi in Thoughts
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Many of us have heard the song by Louis Armstrong. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest doing so. It restores your faith, makes you feel humane and above all, helps you believe in the goodness inherent in our world. Of course, for every act of goodness, there are many so terrible, that you do need something to boost your faith. The Orlando shootings are indeed only the latest of these terrible events.

But ask yourself this – while condemning the shooter and showing your support for the victims and their families – when was the last time you did anything? When was it that you stood up for a maid being abused by her ‘masters’, when did you last help a friend accept her gay son or lesbian daughter? When was it that you condemned the ‘moral police’ who thrashes, abuses, and sometimes even murders heterosexual couples in India? Yes, the LGBT community exists in India but why should they have any faith in us? We have not been able to protect the so called ‘normal’ couples – who are killed over differences in caste, area, money – you name it. We have not been able to protect people from our own country who are abused, hurt and biased against just because they look different (remember the North East anyone?). We cannot protect our women. We tell women to cover up, but not men to, you know, respect them as human beings. We cannot even protect our own children – who are raped, abused, kidnapped – who work in factories, in homes and at tea stalls.

What happened in Orlando is beyond terrible. Sick, in fact. What happened in Paris was also terrible. What happened in Mumbai was horrific. And just as horrific were the bombings of schools in Pakistan. And did you ever see the news coverage of the Gaza strip? Lives are lives and every single one of them is extremely precious. Ask someone who has lost a child and then you might, maybe, begin to understand just how devastating the loss of a single life can be.

The life of a man, a woman and a child are equally important. Their race, their education, their color, their religion and their nationality does not in any way lower the value of their humanity. I am as important to my family, to my friends, as you are to yours. Even if I have no family, no friends, I am still just as important. I have every right to be myself just as you have every right to be yourself. It is only when we stop trying to force our viewpoint on others and understand that we are all human beings, that at our core we are all equal, is there any hope for humans to become humane. Until then, at least there is still the song.

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