Friday Night Blues

Posted: July 31, 2015 by Arushi in Thoughts

What is it that makes us (most of us anyway) want to get into a relationship? What innate reason makes us give up ourselves as our priority, and allow room for another person in our lives? Someone who sometimes prioritize even above ourselves?

Is it companionship? The need to be loved? To have a partner? Is it biological? The need to pass on our DNA, however flawed we may be?

Admittedly, at one point or another, most of us wish for that one person to be in our life, who is just perfect for us.

Too darn bad.

Because on average, most of us don’t get it. Nothing in life is perfect, and everything worth having, including relationships, require a hell of a lot of work. Including letting it go that u r alone on a Friday night, and feel more lonely than you did when you were single.

Or maybe you just need to let go of your illusions and expectations regarding what a relationship means. Take it as is, and learn that maybe solitude does not mean alone.


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