Boxes and Dreams

Posted: September 1, 2014 by Arushi in Thoughts
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It was a simpler world into which they had been born. It was a different time, a different generation. There was not much you could be. You were limited not just by your mind. You were what you were told to be.  

And maybe, that is what you still are. Not because there is no other choice. Because those who dreamed always found a way. They still do. 

There is always a rebel who does what others thought impossible. From the Eklavya who learned archery to the graffiti artist next block over, the one who truly has talent, the one who truly wants to be, makes a path. They might not find it, they may have to chop the undergrowth themselves but they do and they pave it in bones and stone.

Then, you were limited. No matter who you were, you were limited and to be anything else, you had to fight. To rebel. Because it was an ordered world, divided into neat little lines and neat little boxes. Boxes that still exist but whose walls are being kicked down every day. 

Now, you can be anything. All you need to do is dream. Expand your own mind because that is what truly limits you. Nothing else can hold you back as much as you can. 

Dream bigger, wider. After all, we’re here only once. Why aim low? 



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