Fade Into Red by Reshma Krishnan Barshikar

Posted: June 24, 2014 by Arushi in Book Review
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Fade Into Red is…. and here is the part where you get all the typical lines about it being a romance. Except. .. while it is a romance, there is absolutely nothing typical about the book.

Ayra is an investment banker. A sane, serious person whose family might be just a bit too interested in getting her to tie the knot with her long time and long distance boyfriend.

But instead of being in Chennai for the time when the two families meet, she ends up taking a – what should have been extremely small – trip to Italy to ensure the smooth acquisition of a vineyard for the son of one their firms biggest clients.

Here kicks in Murphy’s Law added to the fact that she hates the son and vice versa, and there is something really shady about the deal. So now you see why there is nothing typical about this book – because believe you me – you have not explored Italy or love – until you do so through Ayra’s over analytical eyes.

Frantic parents, jilted exes, shady midnight deals and good wine only add spice to this story set in Chennai, Mumbai and the Italian countryside.

This isn’t a long review, because if I were to try that, I would give way too much away. This is a basic idea. Go check the book out. It’s worth it. Definitely recommended!

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