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Posted: April 27, 2014 by Arushi in Thoughts

Broadway Bridge, Saskatoon at Sunrise
When I feel something very strongly, I write. It happens more often for the negative emotions than it does for the positive ones. I guess there is just too much exuberance when you’re happy to sit and write but when you’re unhappy you do not want to deal with anyone else and getting it all out in black and white helps.

At least it helps me. Of course, I also write when I am procrastinating. Such as when I have a deadline for Monday morning and its Sunday afternoon and I have a lot to do and I am writing a post for my blog.

It’s such a sophisticated, innocuous sounding word: procrastination. But once you know what it means, the sound is forever ruined for you. Or always music but you have to at least act like its ruined – because how else will you deal with your own conscience?

Have you ever had a paper due the next day, absolutely known you were in deep trouble, and still gone to watch that movie? Or played that game or read that book? I have. I have also never missed a single deadline. So when a friend of mine laughed and said I didn’t really sleep at night when I had something due, I had to agree. I would count the hours till something was due, and there was no room for sleep in my count, usually. So there was always more than enough time to get things done. Sleep can be overrated anyways.

I do remember my finals one particular semester. I had four finals in three days. The last one was over at noon. I still had to pack, go for some appointment at 1 PM and to top it off, I had a flight home at 5 AM the next morning. I remember playing Rockband’s endless setlist on her Xbox 360 with my roommate that night because I knew I would never make it to my flight if I slept. So I didn’t. I felt like a zombie by the time I got home, another 26 hours later, because ridiculous travel times is what you get for studying halfway across the world.

Another time, we spent the night playing the endless setlist and then went to one of the bridges that crossed the South Saskatchewan River in the city to watch the Sun rise. It was definitely one of the most beautiful mornings I ever saw. I won’t forget just how gorgeous the sky looked, especially reflected on the surface of the river.

When I am feeling nostalgic like this, I do remember that yep, I have done a lot of interesting stuff. I have pulled a lot of stunts, and every time I’ve traveled, I’ve gained another story to tell. It might not have been fun then, but it sure is funny now. Life has been good and it is only going to get better.

This post is not being written when I am maudlin. I am actually doing great. Procrastinating – maybe, definitely nostalgic about the good ol’ days while feeling quite hopeful about the days to come; about a new partner in crime and about a reunion with all the older ones; about trips that are coming up and about decisions that I have recently taken or know I will soon take.

So life is good. Just wanted to share that 🙂

  1. mainalf says:

    Yep. Life is good 😀

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