Black Arts by Faith Hunter

Posted: February 18, 2014 by Arushi in Book Review
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Black Arts

Black Arts is the 7th book in the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter.

The premise of the series is simple in a way. Jane is a skinwalker – she can turn into any other animal (preferably with not too much difference in mass) if she has access to its DNA. She is a licensed rogue vampire hunter, in an alternate reality to ours, where Vampires came out of the closet decades ago.

This vampire hunter is hired by, arguably, the most powerful vampire in the continental USA, Leo Pellisier on retainer and now she is in his semi-permanent employ – his ‘part-time enforcer’.

Black Arts builds upon the previous books in a way that gives answers without being redundant, allows for character growth and manages to be a gripping read, all at the same time. Evan Trueblood blows into NOLA, literally, looking for his missing wife, Molly Everhart Trueblood. He thinks Molly has come to Jane, but somehow, somewhere along the way, Molly has gone missing. Now Jane has to find Molly and figure out exactly what made her leave her husband and children behind.

Two of Katie’s girls are also missing and Katie has asked Jane to find them and the ones who took them. There is also going to be a ‘Gather’ of vampires and Jane has to work security – and make sure that the hostiles at least do not get to do anything. The fact that the hostile vampires might have something to do with both Molly and Katie’s girls going missing – well, Jane does have the Younger brothers to figure out all angles.

The book is, as always, very well written. There is an excellent plot, which in classic Jane Yellowrock style, comes together at the end. There is also a lot of character development, in Jane, Eli, Evan, Molly, Angie Baby, Bruiser and even Leo. Katie too has changed. It was great to see how much the interactions have changed between these people since the first book. From the time when Jane saw each vampire as someone just about to go rabid to her actually trying to understand them.

It was also good to see Jane accepting her new ‘family’ and realizing that she really does have a family now and it is not going anywhere. No matter what. It may be ragtag, but it is hers and they are as fiercely loyal as she is.

Overall, another great addition to a series that keeps getting better with time. And again I start waiting for the next book 🙂 But Ms. Hunter can totally take her time, because the results are always worth the wait.

  1. Zeenat says:

    I LOVED this book. I think it’s my favorite in the whole series now.

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