The Great Big Indian Wedding!!

Posted: January 15, 2014 by Arushi in Uncategorized
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I have had the honor/pleasure of attending a wedding in each of the last two months, and my cousin is getting hitched on the 19th of this month. Indian weddings can be this huge affair that lasts a week, involves so many rituals and cultural quirks, and turns into an awesome and sometimes hilarious ensemble of characters that could beat any movie. I feel seriously lucky that people keep getting married these days, because I actually have been enjoying these weddings a lot. 

In November, it was one of my mom’s cousins who got married. So for a week, we visited them everyday and overall had a blast, because they have a HUGE family, spread all over the world, and EVERYONE came. I got to catch up with cousins I hadn’t met in over a year (last time was at another wedding) and made some very unlikely friends. Who knew I would get along famously well with a cousin who is 13 years younger to me. 

Then a family friend got married in December. Again, cue in his family coming in from all over the world. The fact that I am really good friends with his sister and she does not visit that often, considering she lives halfway across the planet, meant three to four days of non stop parties. Of course, they also had organized performances by friends and family, in the honor of the groom and bride, two days before the marriage ceremony. So I even got to perform on stage. The quality of the performance… well, I dunno but I had fun. 

Now, it is my cousin. He is getting married on the 19th, but the celebrations started from the 13th and will continue till the 20th. In this wedding too, I have to perform, and not once, but four times. I also get to hang out with cousins, and my baby nieces. Nothing makes your day like a five year old being happy just coz you are there. 

This being said, all of them have been and will be a big affair, that probably cost lots of money, time and effort. I read an opinion piece about how marriages can be a waste of money – an extravagance that is not worth it. People have a right to their opinion. I even agree to some extent. Randomly, unthinkingly, spending money on anything does not seem smart. But at the end of the day, marriages, at least the ones I have seen, have never been about the money spent, they have always been about the fun had, about the memories made and about giving one hell of a start to the new life of two people. 

Unlike what my title here implies, I also do not think Indians are the only ones crazy about marriages, but I do think that we tend to make them huge affairs, especially when it comes to how many people we invite. But then again, if you actually know and know well, people who are your fourth cousins, won’t you invite them? Trust me when I say, if you ever get a chance to attend an Indian wedding, do not miss it. It should be a bucket list thing, seriously. 

I think I went off topic. Anywho, the core of the matter is, weddings are fun and I am glad coz I have another one to attend right now. 

  1. Vega Chauhan says:

    This sounds super fun (: !! Show some pictures also!!

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