Posted: December 17, 2013 by Arushi in Thoughts
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Ever since I completed NaNoWriMo, I have been working on two stories. One is the manuscript I worked on all through November. It is completely raw, the plot is unfinished and I keep changing the facts to make the whole thing smoother. In essence it is utter chaos in a word file.

The other is a story that I am publishing online chapter by chapter on three different sites. This saves me from being a perfectionist who worries about every minuscule detail – because I cannot go back and change anything. I have to move forward and use what I have, not spend time on what I should have written. It is one way to get a story down that simply does not allow for second guessing. It is in this story that I realized my words not only lacked inspiration – they were a snooze fest. Such an awful thing to figure out about your own work.

I could not relate to my characters, so the poor souls could not connect with their readers. So simple. But such a huge ass problem. It is not so easy for me to figure out how to fix this and when I came up with something that might work, I wanted to share it. I am going to change their situation by doing a flashback. They already have a history, there has already been one flashback. It was time there was another because simply put, their present tense is just not working for me.

Why am I subjecting you to this here? Well because I swore to write more often, and the often part means all my ramblings go up on my blog. Enjoy J And may you never want to throttle your characters until they start making sense to you.

On a side note, I recently read Dying is my Business by Nicholas Kauffman. It is great book and definitely worth a read. I figure for having to deal with my rambling, you do deserve at least something worthwhile 😉 Also here is the review of this book by a friend. She was the one who recommended the book to me, and I am glad she did.


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