Frosted Spider

Posted: October 31, 2013 by Arushi in Thoughts
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I recently caught up with the Elemental Assassin series and the Mythos Academy series, both by Jennifer Estep. They are both good, with excellent plots, growing characters and unique worlds. While Elemental Assassin is adult urban fantasy, Mythos Academy is young adult UF. I would strongly recommend them to fans of UF with female protagonists. The titles of the EA series always refer to a Spider (which is the assassin name of the protagonist) and the titles of the MA series always refer to Frost (the last name of the protagonist).

That aside, the title is there because, well, how could I pass it up? Especially since its Halloween. On a side note, the Google Doodle for Halloween this year is great. Although the one last year was pretty cool too.

Google - Halloween Doodle 2013

Google – Halloween Doodle 2013

Google Doodle 2012

Google Doodle 2012

All Hallow’s Eve is one of my favorite festivals. Not that I have celebrated it too often, its not really a thing in India, but I did get to celebrate it a few times in Canada. From horror movie marathons to dressing up, its fun, no matter what you do as long as you are among friends. And somehow it is very easy to make friends that night.

Halloween is so many things. It is  fun time to be a child. To dress up and ask for candy. It is a good time to decorate your place and get into the spirit of things. It is fodder for all the scary shows out there, hello Grimm, Supernatural. Lost Girl etc. But overall its something I really like.

So a very Happy Halloween people!!!! I hope you have great time in spooking people and being spooked in return. May you give lots of candy and get even more 🙂

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