Changing Faces

Posted: October 27, 2013 by Arushi in Thoughts
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Yep the title sucks. I do so hate naming. This post is rambling and is has moved around from one thing to the next that has left me wondering just exactly how much I want to say, but I think I got most of it across, albeit laced with a bit of chaos.

Everyone has that one point of time, when they want to be alone. It might not be a long time, a few minutes to pull yourself together or to quietly celebrate or even time to just breathe. Sometimes we need more time, a few weeks, days or months when we want to be just ourselves. For a while we want to be free of the expectations, the hope and the responsibilities around us.

It is interesting that we are so good at being so many things and yet somehow we still manage to be ourselves. I have heard time and again that society makes us all wear masks and that eventually our real face vanishes.

Maybe. I do think we wear masks, but at the same time, its silly to think that our real face is just one face. After all, we might be at the top of the food chain due to opposable thumbs, but lets face it, there is more to our species than that.

I find it a bit silly to be honest that people (and quite a few of the ones I am talking about are brilliant in their own right) have such a one dimensional view of the human personality. Our ‘faces’ as so many like to say are used, reused and changed according to the situation and company. And almost all the times I have heard someone talk about this, they claim that this is a bad thing.

I am sure deceit is a bad thing. Not arguing with that. But why does a change in face means deceit always? Its almost the same as wearing clothes according to the occasion. Does it mean you are not sad if you dress properly for a funeral? Even if you did not know the person, even if you are ambivalent, is it deceit or respect if you manage to keep a sombre face? To some, especially someone who expects you to be sad, it might be deceit. But maybe to someone it might be respect shown to the dead the living who mourn.

There are so many of us who are honest, at times to the point of bluntness. Does that mean we have only one face? Hardly. I am different when I speak to a child, or to someone my age, older than me, different with my friends. Honestly, it has less to do with showing them different faces, and more to do with them bringing out different facets of my personality.

A twelve year old makes me talk endlessly about manga and a friend makes me do the same but regarding urban fantasy. Another friend and I talk about everything from clothes to biotechnology and while another tells me off when I am being an idiot. It just is.

There were many things that made me think about the honesty that is embedded even in our different faces and appreciate it. I would rather be adaptable, able to enjoy the company of those around me instead of being so stuck on one single image of myself that I ignore everything else. I would rather live, then get stuck on the idea of how to do it. I am trying and I will keep trying because there is no one point of success on this. It is something to always do, because life should not be allowed to pass us by. Especially not because we are burdened with what others think us to be or expect us to me.

Everyone has an opinion, I just can put mine out here.


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