Just another day

Posted: July 24, 2013 by Arushi in Thoughts
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There are days when you do not feel like doing anything. It takes great effort to even crawl out of bed and yet you somehow stand and make your way, a bit blindly, to your coffee. If you have to make the coffee, the day has just become a nightmare before it even started.

Maybe this is because you were working/studying late last night. Maybe cause you were partying/watching a movie or a show/with your friends the night before. Maybe it was because you just could not sleep. But the absolute worse is when you did get an adequate amount of sleep and the morning is still awful.

All day. everything is boring. Everything is blah. You just want to find something interesting to do but nothing interests you.
If it is raining, it’s gloomy.
If it is sunny, it’s too hot.
If it is cool, it’s too cold.
No matter what it is, it is just not right.
You cannot wait for the misery that is this day to be over and you are not the only one. Everywhere around you, the day is sucking the life out of people – colleagues, friends, family, even the usually friendly cab driver is crabby.
You cannot concentrate so you make abstract designs on your computer screen and actually save the images. You still get stuff done but everything feels like a chore.
And when the day finally ends you are too tired to do anything so you just crash. You just want the misery that was today to be over. And it is.

The next morning you feel better. You are glad yesterday is over. At the end of the day you feel great. The weather is perfect, everyone was happy, the day was productive.

It takes a while for you to realize that, in most aspects, both days were exactly the same – the only difference was your attitude. And then you do dumb shit like writing a post about it with the abstract design on top. 


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