Blood Trade by Faith Hunter

Posted: May 31, 2013 by Arushi in Book Review
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Blood Trade is the 6th book in the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter. It took me a while to start it, but once I did, I had to finish the whole thing as quickly as I could.

The premise of the series is simple in a way. Jane is a skinwalker – she can turn into any other animal (preferably with not too much difference in mass) if she has access to its DNA. She is a licensed rogue vampire hunter, in an alternate reality to ours, where Vampires came out of the closet decades ago. This vampire hunter is hired by, arguably, the most powerful vampire in the continental USA, Leo Pellisier on retainer. Her first job was to find someone who was betraying Leo, and she did. She was also then hired again, and again, and now she is in his semi-permanent employ – his ‘part-time enforcer’.

Throughout the books, there has been a lot of growing and evolving in almost all the characters. Jane has come a long way. Now most of the people who actually know her, also know that she is not human. Quite a few are in on the fact that she can turn into a mountain lion.

She has gone on from having friends, to having no one, to having a family. The previous books had left a lot of questions, a lot of situations that needed to be resolved. Whether it is the situation with Molly and the whole witch clan being pissed off with Jane, or Bruiser and what he did, or rather helped Leo do or whether it was the fight with Ricky-bo at the end of Death’s Rival – all of it was there, none of it resolved. And it has had its impact on Jane. At least she has the Younger brothers – finally partners she can trust at her back.
Blood Trade starts with Jane realizing that she is depressed and then moves on to the job she takes on in Natchez. There are Naturaleza on the loose and more than a hundred humans have vanished. The place is a part of Leo’s territory, so despite his objections Jane leaves for the job, citing the clauses on her retainer that let her do so. Her job is to kill the rogue vamps – though of course things are more complicated under the surface. Especially since a new kind of vampire is around – one that is immune to silver. I cannot say much about the plot, except that it is really good, and things fall into place near the end.

Jane is evolving. She has changed so much since the series started and I like all of it. She is growing, becoming more human, even as more people realize that she is far from human. Her insights into herself are good, though far in between.

The Younger brothers are great to read about. Eli and the Kid are both amazing at what they do, and the way they are now Jane’s family – well, its great. Simply put, she needed some honest friends and she has them now.

Ricky-bo and Bruiser are there. They are also changing, especially Bruiser. The changes in Rick are more subtle – but strong. He and Jane have issues, but now I think there is hope of them being worked out in the next book. Bruiser, no matter what he wants Leo still has a hold on him, and so I have no idea what is there in the future for him and Jane. I kind of want to know what is the end of these three, and yet I kind of do not. They are so much fun to read about, though I might change that opinion later.

Beast, of course, was awesome. I loved it when she smacked Brute on the nose, and then later called him a ‘stupid dog’. Pea and Soul were there. Basically everyone (except the usual vamps) was around and it was good to see them again. Like old friends you want to smack on the head.

I think I was glad there was not much Leo in this book – and I did love all the snark Jane put him through whenever he did call her. He has that and much more coming. Overall, the book is great. Definitely great. And now I want to read the next one.


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