Surprise surprise!!

Posted: May 4, 2013 by Arushi in Thoughts
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There are surprises and then there are surprises. Sometimes its a good kind of surprise, that makes your week, like receiving 8 ounces of coffee and a coffee mug from your favorite author.

At other times it is being appreciated for what you do. No matter what it was that you did, the thought that the person for whom you put in an effort, was happy, is indeed more than enough.

Sometimes though it is a concrete block that falls in front of you and leaves you in shock. Temporary shock maybe, but shock nonetheless. It is not necessarily a bad thing to have a concrete block in front of you, after all it would have been worse if it had fallen on your head, but right now, you can’t really see any of the silver lining.

Okay so I have taken the concrete analogy way too far. But in general sometimes things happen and we find that we are not really prepared to deal with them, no matter how much we thought we could do it.

It’s never a fun discovery because it does not change the situation, only your faith in your own ability to handle it. Not a very good thing, especially if there is a time crunch.

So it makes you panic a little. You think of ways of how to avoid it – whatever ‘it’ may be. You actually have butterflies in your stomach – I never understood that one by the way. Why do rats in your stomach mean you are hungry and butterflies that you are nervous? Could rats not mean that you are really really nervous?

Anyways, my randomly switching to tangents aside, for that one moment your mind goes blank and you want to either just freak out or to mull it all over in peace. Alone. Of course these are luxuries because we are dealing with a surprise occurrence here. We need to deal with it, because just cause we had no prior notice does not mean that we have lots of time now.

Yep, life is unfair that way. Then again it is only a naive fool who thinks that life is fair. I am many things, but I like to think that naive at least, is not one of them.

So you take a deep breath. Let it out and focus on what needs to be done and what can be conveniently forgotten till the next day. Live this day. Get through it. Channel you inner Scarlett O’Hara. And maybe, the stuff that needs to get done will not be that scary once you have caught your breath.

So deep breathing all around. Especially until I finish the current project I am working on. I had three months and before I knew it, I now only have a week. You see where the scary concrete block came in?

Well, that block is not going to move out of my way on its own. At the same time, I also know, over, under, around or through – there is always a way.


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