Bitter Blood (The Morganville Vampires #13) by Rachel Caine

Posted: February 19, 2013 by Arushi in Book Review
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Bitter Blood is the thirteenth book in the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine. That one sentence clarifies a few things right there, the books are about vampires in a place called Morganville, they’re good and there are a lot of them. I think the last two points may be interlinked.

The basic concept of the books can be summed up quite easily. Vampires formed a town, Morganville, in the middle of nowhere Texas as a part of an experiment to see of they could co-exist with humans and it is here that Claire Danvers comes to study since her parents think she is too young (at sixteen) to handle MIT. She finds out that she is capable enough to handle almost anything, the hard way.

Claire moves into the Glass house with three roommates: Michael Glass, Shane Collins and Eve Rosser. She has no choice but to learn about vampires, but certain incidents and her absolute intelligence, end up putting her right in the thick of it all as the assistant of Myrnin, the crazy yet brilliant vampire something – scientist would be too mundane a word for him. He is the one who brought about the reality of Morganville at the behest of the Founder, Amelie.

In the first twelve books they have seen many twists and turns, this lot. Life is never boring in Morganville. They have kicked ass, fought for the vampires, against the vampires, against the humans, for the humans, and through it all, Morganville has survived. They have survived, together. Somehow.

In spite of liking this series, it took me a long time to start Bitter Blood. Maybe because I knew what to expect and there was a bit of that in the book, yet it was different. Bitter Blood proved that the aftermath of war can also be damned interesting, especially when the unlikely allies are all still around, and not feeling like an alliance anymore. Vampires and humans together have now defeated every enemy that came at the vampires and they’re not scared of humans anymore. The humans don’t enjoy being taken lightly, not when it might prove fatal.

This book finally made me consider moving Morganville out of my YA shelf because the characters are growing up. The world is growing up as a whole in fact. They were always evolving but now age is catching up to them. Claire is no longer a child and it shows. Before she just had a sense of responsibility and lots of brains, but now it is more than that. Shane, Michael and Eve are all adults now too, in their own way. They are not just acting or reacting, there is a mindset towards also dealing with the consequences of those actions.

I think it was what happened at the very end of Black Dawn that has changed a lot of things. After all, when a name, a steadfast, unbending name, is given to a relationship, everything does change.

There is a good plot, which is expected from Rachel Caine, but there were times when I wanted to hit multiple someones for being so oblivious to the world around them. Yet, they do come through, pieces do fall into place and lead to a conclusion that while fitting right in and seemingly so obvious in retrospect, is nonetheless a surprise.

There is also something new that Rachel Caine did with this book. The book has several chapters that are not from Claire’s POV. We have Oliver, Myrnin, Amelie, Michael and Shane all narrate one or more chapters and that was different. A good kind of different.

It was great to get a glimpse into how Myrnin thought. It was also good to see events unfolding through a different perspective, especially because well… Claire could NOT have been in the thick of everything. It was good to understand these characters from their own view points because no one else can ever see them in their entirety.

There will be more books and the next one is Fall of Night. But, things have changed. For the vampires. For the humans. For Mr. and Mrs. Glass. For Shane and Claire. For Myrnin. For Oliver and Amelie. The only thing that remains to see is, has anything changed for the better this time?

 For those who have read the series already, Rachel Caine has a lot of free short stories up on her website, here.


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