The Feel of Frost

Posted: January 29, 2013 by Arushi in Original Fiction, Thoughts
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Niagra Falls Panorama - Photograph courtesy of Vinay Kumar Py

When I first saw this photograph, it made me want to write. It is inspiring not just for what is visible, but because of everything it reminds me of. For that inspiration, for that one moment of sheer beauty, I have to thank the photographer who happens to be a friend. My thanks is words. Hopefully, they will not feel like empty words. Some of the inspiration that I drew is here, and the rest, maybe someday will form a whole story:

I took a deep breath, shivering slightly even though I was prepared for the winter. Because in truth, there is no preparing for a winter like this. Not for a place like this. The wind had a bite to it and I was not sure if what I could see was mist or if it was spray. Spray from a waterfall whose roar could be heard for miles.

The snow was crisp beneath my feet. The crunch of it ever so satisfying as I shifted on my feet.

The towers and buildings rose, a monument to human invention, human creation, next to me and yet they lost to the beauty in front of me. The majesty of the falls, the white spray, the snow packed terrain, the frosted trees, there was an unearthly beauty here.

I was so close; there was no looking away. I could hear nothing else; the roar would not let me. I was consumed by a mere waterfall. By the mere phenomenon of a trickle of water falling over a stone. Yet as I looked, I could swear I saw life in those waters. They were death here to anyone foolish, yet they brought life.  It sparkled in their depths, it lived, breathed, like nothing I had ever created, nothing I could ever create. It was not a mere anything, it was sheer power that I could see in front of me and I have to admit, I loved it. 

Thanks Vinay. Love the image. Now I have a the edge of a character and some threads. Maybe someday, I will be able to weave them into a story that actually makes sense outside my head.


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