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Another Micara post. I just cannot stop writing about her though even I am not entirely sure where she is taking me. Well, we’ll find out sooner or later, I’m sure.

I actually went and checked and these are the posts that I have written in this story collection so far (in order of reading):

  1. Kind Regards
  2. Choices
  3. Fireworks
  4. Love is Blindness
  5. Negotiations

Mya, who actually shows up below for the first time, is the cousin Micara goes to avenge in Kind Regards.



Micara slept curled up in the attic, her back fitted into the corner.  One hand was clenched around the blanket and the other around a dagger. It was a full day before she woke up and came downstairs, starving.

I was dragged into a court full of people who hated me even though they had never seen me before. I was thrown at the mercy of a man who had none. A man who would show me nothing but cruelty. But then, hostages are not taken to show the goodness of one’s heart.

“How are you?” Dena asked in a small voice as Micara was about to dip bread into the soup Talbot had served her.

Micara paused, the bread hovering, before she placed it aside. She started to push away from the table when Talbot placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Drink the soup, child.”

I could hear nothing over the pounding of my own heart, but I could see them, as vicious as hunting hounds, baying for my blood. There was no safety for me anymore. A peasant is never safe. A princess is always safe but when she loses that safety, the world rips her apart.

She looked up at the big inn-keeper. His eyes were kind as always and she nodded. She picked up the bowl and drank down the hot liquid, knowing that if she stopped, she would not pick up the bowl again. She stared blankly around when she stood up, not knowing where to go. What to do.

“Mya could probably use some company and Nara some help. It’s the two of them and three children there in that small cottage.” Talbot said mildly and she nodded, mouth drawn tight. Knowing this was a lifeline thrown at her, crumbs to a beggar and having no choice but to take the charity.

I knew they wanted to kill me. I was the next in line to the throne so my father had sent me as a hostage, but in this land, a woman did not rule. They thought me useless. They would kill me and have my brother next. They were right and they were wrong. I would never sit on my throne now, but my brother too would never be sent here. No matter what, I would live.

Dena started to speak but her father silenced her using a small shake of his head. Micara was already gone.

“You do not have to understand something the explanation of which hurts your family Dena. You just accept it and always remember to protect them.” He said quietly.

Dena nodded.

“Good girl. Go help Darlene now.”

I stood straight. I wondered what would happen next. Then he stepped forward and called me his. Just like that. He played with words like they were his very own orchestra. Before I knew it, I was claimed by the Prince as his personal plaything and even the King agreed to leave me alone. I was nine.

Micara knocked on the door of the cottage and suddenly found herself being hugged fiercely by the oldest of Talbot’s daughters. Mya had been stunningly beautiful before. She was still beautiful but death looked through her eyes now.

Micara was smiling when she pulled away, then she was dragged inside and greeted by Talbot’s wife Nara and the rest of his children who had all moved to the country with their sister as she recovered from her injuries.

The bright cottage had no room for brooding and soon she was drawn back tightly into the circle of the family who loved her like one of their own.

I waited and I waited but instead of torturing me, he raised me. He gave me tutors and books. He gave me freedom and he gave me knowledge. He gave me everything. He made me forget I was a hostage. He forgot that I could become his weakness.

“Now tell me what made you run from the city.” Nara said quietly once everyone but the three of them was asleep. It was a statement, not a question. Mya nodded encouragingly and Micara sighed. She had learnt a long time ago that one could never lie to Nara.

“I met him again. I saved his life.”

“That is good, no?”

Micara sighed, thinking back on the conversation she had had with Shay before leaving the castle.

 “You made sure that I did it, that I knew you were in danger. You waited and waited, knowing that I would not allow any real threat to your life to exist.”

 “Yes.” Shay had never lied to her and he would not start now.

Micara nodded. “You should have asked me to come back instead of playing games. Now people are dead.”

“I do not know how to ask. Also, this way, I knew you would come.” He shrugged his wide shoulders and Micara’s mouth tightened.

“It has been years, my love.” He whispered and true pain flashed in his eyes before he hid it.

“He should have come to me. He played games instead, even risked his life. Foolish.” Micara growled.

“Does he love you?” Nara asked softly, knowing that Micara was angriest about him risking his life.

“I have never doubted his love for me.”

“Then tell him your terms of surrender.”

Micara laughed softly before she called out, “You hear that Shay? I know you’re spying on me. Come talk to me, the negotiations will be held in my territory.”

In the castle, Shay smiled.

  1. Zeenat says:

    I love the way you write!

  2. Sarah says:

    Ahhh, how can you stop at that point?!?!

    I love how you mix present and past. I have some kind of GoT universe in my head while reading but maybe that’s because I watched another episode yesterday evening. LOL

    • Arushi says:

      Thank you 🙂 Thank you 🙂 Always glad to leave stuff at cliffhangers! It is kinda like the GoT universe, but the imagery really is probably coz you have been the show. I am nowhere near that good.

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