Love is Blindness

Posted: December 27, 2012 by Arushi in Original Fiction
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So I wonder how many people have seen the trailer of The Great Gatsby? It is a beautiful, gorgeous, awe-inspiring thing and I have not even read the book. It makes me want to read it. It also made me put the song – Love is Blindness by Jack White on a loop on my iPod.

Also, advance Happy New Year!! I say this with a present, another story about Micara. The last one was Fireworks.


Love is Blindness

A madness grips me. It will end in slaughter and I know it. I care not. A line was crossed. I will exact the price. I get paid in gold, but this time, I will settle for nothing less than blood. 

Shay stood on the marble railing that ran around his private terrace and looked down at the capital stretched before him like a map. His right hand was clasped over his left wrist, his thumb lightly stroking the tattoo upon his inner arm, just above his wrist. It was made up forest green swirls and spiky black lines and there was only one exactly like it in the whole world.

“My King?” Keld asked with a terrified squeak in his voice.

Shay whirled around on the heel of his boot and Keld gasped. Shay almost smiled. Almost. The old man had lost his courage with his hair, it seemed.


“There have been rumors about a coup against you.”


“They’re very… immediate. If you…”

“No.” Shay turned back to watch the city. His thumb stroked the tattoo again and he laughed bitterly. “Let them come.”

I entered the house, quiet as the twilight outside. I was starting early. Too early. I knew it but there was only one night and too much to do. Too many to kill. A message that had to be written in blood, word by word, page by page.

Shay sat sprawled on his throne, cheek resting on his palm. He watched the nobles act like headless chickens, as if their clamor could wake the dead. Maybe they were making up for the fact that they still had their heads, he thought coldly.

“Your Majesty.” Keld tried, clasping and unclasping his hands due to nerves.

Shay raised a brow.

“What… how… do we catch the culprit?” Keld’s voice was raspy and he had to clear his throat twice. But the furor in the court died. They all wanted to hear him. Hear their king’s answer.

“You mean to ask, how to catch the person responsible for entering the household of twenty nine noble families and killing the guards outside the rooms of the heads and their heirs, all in one night?” Shay drawled and half the court winced.

He slowly straightened, his eyes sweeping the richly garbed bunch before him. They had taken the time to dress, even today.

Shay waved his hand and Keld stepped to the side. The whole room was the audience now.

Blood flowed behind me like a river. It did not look scarlet in the night, but black, like ink. But I was no scribe and ink would never coat me thus. I was garbed in blood tonight. At dawn I started washing it off.  

“You are my nobility, yet you forget me. You forget that that the people love me. You forget how I became King.” His voice was cold, merciless and twenty-nine families collapsed to their knees.

“You forget who I am, what I am.”

The rest dropped to their knees in a wave. Shay laughed and it was a cruel sound.

“You wish to catch the culprit? I know who it is. It would come to you, if you would only remember, but you forgot her.” His voice cracked like a whip in the silent room.

I dressed in the forest after washing in the stream. It had taken a long time to wash away all the blood. I burned the bloody clothes. There would be no comforting inn this time. I could not afford to be tracked. I jumped upon the saddled horse waiting for me. I had not wanted to go. I had sworn he would come to get me.

I had no choice now.

They did not dare look at Shay and he had a hard time swallowing his contempt for his court. He had changed things for his people. He should have changed the courtiers too.

“Do you remember her name Keld? Do you know now who painted the city red last night? Who left a message for all traitors?”

I rode to the castle gates and they were open. I knew they would be. He had known I was coming. They closed as I jumped off my horse. They could not keep me in, but then, he knew that. I knew they were being closed so that no fool could sneak away. There would be no mercy today.

Shay held out his arm and the door of the throne room burst open, making the nobles jump, some even muffled cries. The white marble hallway stretched out, marred only by the black cloaked figure striding down it with lethal speed.

The distance seemed to vanish and in moments she was at the door.

She stared up at the man who sat straight on his throne now, watching her intently, fingers steepled.

Micara threw back the hood of the cloak and glanced contemptuously at the courtiers gaping at her. Then finally she met Shay’s eyes and gave a magnificent bow, her torso parallel to the floor, her gray eyes never leaving his.

“Seems like you have a problem, husband.”

“Welcome back, my Queen.” Shay returned the bow.


  1. Sarah says:

    Ahhh! I loved the end! When do I get the next chapter?!?!

  2. Lannister says:

    LOL, I wouldn’t have predicted that last sentence in a million years! 😀 I love how dangerous she is.

    Also, you’ve got to read The Great Gatsby. I first read it at school and I think Gatsby might have been one of my first book boyfriend crushes. He is so sweet and so tragic. It’s a wonderful book and I’ve read it a few times now. I’d definitely recommend it.

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  4. […] the video but also the song, Love is Blindness, that captivated me – inspired me to write a short about Micara in fact. It was only after I had read the book that I realized just how apt that song truly […]

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