Black Lament (Black Wings #4) by Christina Henry

Posted: December 26, 2012 by Arushi in Book Review
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Black Lament - Christina Henry

I will give a bit of a series intro and try not to give away too many spoilers as I review Black Lament, the fourth book in the Black Wings series by Christina Henry.

The first book introduced us to Madeline Black, an agent of death who collected souls because it was her legacy and rented out the apartment in her building because everyone needs to eat, and she actually has a gargoyle to feed. The death part is fun, because it really is an agency where forms have to be filed in triplicate.

Then she finds out her dad is a ‘fallen’ – as in the fallen angel Azazel and she is his oldest child and heir. But she also finds out a lot more than anyone bargained for, including the fact that she just may be related to another fallen, the fallen: Lucifer. The Morningstar has plans of his own for the new found granddaughter.

Oh and do not forget the fae. They’re one intriguing, back-stabbing bunch to be sure. I believe they’re really introduced in the second book: Black Night.

That is how Black Wings started and there is something about Madeline Black that makes you keep coming back for more. Black Lament is the fourth book, and I am still here. And I will be there for Black City.

Maybe what makes Maddy so attractive is the fact that she really really does not want any of this: politics, power, magic, money, none of it; or maybe it is that her reactions are like those of a normal modern woman. She does not want to be controlled. She just wants to live and she judges other people on the basis of how she sees them, how they act, who they are, not who they were born as.

Maybe it is the loss that runs through her life, her unwillingness to play the game and her inablity to bend. To anyone.

In Black Howl, Maddy took the greatest knock, but grieving has to take a back seat when her life is in constant danger. Somehow this book comes together without the blase excessive violence that I was expecting, or maybe it seems less to me because I was expecting it. Either way, Maddy is more practical than ever but still human enough. She is a woman who has been pushed one time too many, and has had it. So she pushes back, and finds that she can make anyone stumble and fall.

I kept remembering an initial Anita Blake in the escalating violence, and shortening temper. Though I do not think there are any similarities between the books.

More characters and intrigues are introduced in this book which provided a nice layer. So I am looking forward to more of that in the next book. Lucifer, despite his tiny appearances, remains my favorite character. There is also a lot of progress in Maddy as a person. No matter the direction, she is moving, not standing still, and that is fun to watch.

Now I am looking forward to the next book. Perhaps somewhat patiently, because a lot of the loose ends were tied up here, but knowing that I will read it.


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