Cynical we are and we need to be

Posted: December 19, 2012 by Arushi in Thoughts
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What is it that makes everything good suspect in our world? Why is every deed, especially the ones who are glaringly right, seen with a jaundiced eye. I used to find this amusing: ‘No good deed goes unpunished’. Except I am starting to see the grain of truth embedded in that quote.

What prompted me to write this post is simple. I started watching an episode from House MD (S02 E04) and the first scene has a man, a very good looking one at that, fly down somewhere in Africa and handout crates of medicine that he has just brought over from the US. The meds are less than what the people really need, and my first thought was, is he selling the rest on the black market? Then he proceeded to give out chocolates to the kids and not in a manner that you would find fault with (trust me I was looking) but rather simply as someone who’s just come in from somewhere that had the Hershey’s to a place that doesn’t. Nothing more complicated.

Does that not paint the most beautiful picture? Yeah, I was not buying it. Then he was in a boardroom, trying to convince the company that made the meds to send more. It was only at this point that I finally considered that the poor man had no nefarious intents. When he collapsed, I decided to believe in his good intentions.

Do you see the problem? The image was perfect. So I was cynical to the point of ridiculous. And I know many people out there would rather be cynical than naive. In today’s world, it is smarter to be cynical, to be paranoid, because, let’s face it, as cultured and civilized as we are, time and again we still keep proving that no matter how small the processors in our laptops, we’re the very same humans who keep slaughtering each other over the smallest of things.

I have many reasons for this cynical mood. One of them will pop up on Google if you search for Delhi Gang Rape. Yep, I am not even kidding. Those who know this lovely country of mine will get it immediately. For those not in the know, Delhi is the capital of India. Now imagine what I just said. I hope it’s making more sense.

I wonder about the country I am born in. I wonder why it knew how to respect women half a century ago but does not anymore? Are we really regressing back to being an ape. In that case, where do I sign up to be a racist? Because at this point, that sounds very appealing.

I used to be proud that we never had a feminist movement because we never had to fight for our right to vote. Maybe that was not such a good thing. Maybe that would have made everyone think of women as more than disposable products? Who knows. Certainly I do not.

The thing is, all this, is me venting not just my anger but also the fact that I cannot really do anything about it. What do I do when I find that I cannot trust my own country to keep me safe? Of course, should I say this in front of those responsible for said safety, they will promise every protection, and yet, for some reason women keep slipping through and not even through the cracks. In this case, there was no shady alley, no revealing clothes, no late night, and guess what, she was even being escorted by a male companion. Now, every person who loves to blame the victim has to admit that this could have happened to anyone. And we would be in the hospital nearly dying (the details of this one really are NOT for the faint of heart).

That is a scary thought, because everyone loves to blame the victim so they can say it would never happen to them but now, if you look at the facts, that becomes an impossibility. Unless you are one of the Ostriches who make sweeping statements without knowing what they’re talking about.

Also, isn’t your country, your motherland, the one place where you should always feel safe? Maybe I am pushing it, but we’ve already gone through the oppressive regimes and the freedom movement. Is it too much to ask to feel secure now, post independence, when we don’t do anything ‘wrong’? Guess so.

Plus don’t expect any justice. This is NOT a comment on the judiciary or the police. They actually seem to be doing their jobs. No, beware the people who need to look humane next to the monsters and would rather have them do community service in Cancer and AIDS hospitals instead of serving time or you know, go to death row. They’d rather sympathize with the criminals because that is what makes them look good compared to the rest of us.

It is well and good that they are thinking so kindly towards the culprits, because of so quickly wanting to claim that they are not like them, but I wish they would also think of the sick people who are in those hospitals and the staff that takes cares of them.

And if we stopped being so humane to all the criminals, maybe, just maybe, we might not have so many victims.


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