King of Thorns (Broken Empire #2) by Mark Lawrence

Posted: December 8, 2012 by Arushi in Book Review
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King of Thorns

You know one of those times when you’re absolutely starving (not really, but I’m sure you get the idea) and you eat/drink something for the first time? You know how it feels like a slice of heaven?

That slice of heaven was Prince of Thorns. I hoped and prayed that King of Thorns would be able to recreate that taste, and that was wrong of me. It was a different dish, though not entirely, and I was not starving anymore.

Still, King of Thorns, the second installment of the Broken Empire trilogy did not disappoint. The layout follows the pattern that was started by the first book. Two timelines, one now, and one from four years ago, with random information about the ‘Brothers’ spread out before chapters.

But more layers are added to this one. For one, throughout the book, Jorg is also reading Katherine ap Scorron’s journal. So that is a third perspective which is introduced and you know that he is reading it after everything that is happening in the book has already come to an end. That is, the start of the book, is also the end, yet the beginning is vague enough that you truly have no clue about what is going to happen next.

As if that were not enough, in the four years later part (called Wedding Day for obvious reasons) you also get information about four years ago because Jorg has sealed some of his memories in a box. So as they come out, you (and he) live them now, again.

It is a huge puzzle, being put together from many different directions, systematically, but in seemingly unrelated patterns until it all comes together and you can suddenly see the big picture. It just clicks.

I like those kind of movies, but not so much the shows and the books coz they tend to drive me crazy. This one managed to give just the right number of clues. So I had a good guess about what had happened, I just needed to know the how of it.

I had a grand time reading this book. Jorg was… different. I kept looking for the Prince I had just left behind in the previous book, and caught him in glimpses, but right until the end, he does not completely reveal himself. There is a reason for that, but then, there is a reason for everything.

Yet, even this different Jorg, has not lost his touch. The man he is becoming does think of the consequences unlike the past, but does it (whatever it may be) anyway because that is the way he is. Still, you have to admit, some maturity has sunk in:

““How old are you?”

I felt the Brothers stiffen. It can be annoying to always have the people around you think you’re going to murder everyone who looks at you wrong. 

“I’m old enough to play with fire,” I said.”

King Jorg is different than Prince Jorg, but still extremely intriguing. I cannot say more, without giving away a lot of spoilers, but one thing is for sure, the sheer defiance and pride that is a part of his personality is mesmerizing to watch, especially because he can take a joke. Mostly.

My expounding on the series, the books and Jorg are done. I do wonder how I would like this series a second time around and for that, I will probably give it another go before the third and final book comes out.


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