Vampire Game

Posted: November 20, 2012 by Arushi in Manga Review
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Vampire Game Vol 1

Vampire Game by Judal is a coming of age manga, with a twist.

A century ago, the Vampire King Duzell declared war on the humans. He was defeated by Phelios, the then king of Pheliosta by using the spell ‘La Gamme’ which also takes the life of the user. Before they both died, Duzell cursed Phelios that they would both be born a century later and then he would take his revenge.

Now, its been 99 and a half years. Duzell has been reincarnated as a kyawl (a kind of cat that lives on nectar) and as a kitten he is taken in by Ishtar, the 15 year old great granddaughter of Phelios and the heir to all of Pheliosta.

When Ishtar finds out who her cat really is, she promises to help him find Phelios (the curse included that he would be re-born in his own bloodline so her family are the only suspects) and then kill him. After all, she does not like her relatives, they either want to marry her or kill her, and she adores Duzie!

So begins the Vampire Game.

Duzell can shape shift into Ishtar, it is one of the first of his powers to come back, though he can only copy her face, not her gender and stays a guy. Having a doppelganger around, Ishtar finds, is very convenient especially as Duzell is highly skilled at magic & fencing and she manages to get him to always do what she wants.

This is the initial, getting to know the world time and the main characters (Ishtar, Duzell, Darres, Yujinn) are introduced. Darres is Istar’s bodyguard and has been for the past decade. Yujinn is her instructor in magic but with a few interesting secrets up his sleeve.

The story has four other arcs, one for each of the main parts of Pheliosta, where Ishtar has family and the last arc is for Razenia which is a powerful neighboring nation. Each arc introduces a different branch of Ishtar’s family with Duzell checking them to see if any is Phelios reincarnated – leading to the cat getting one hell of a scratching reputation.

The confusion is priceless. There is Ishtar, then her cat Duzell, then her twin ‘brother’ Duzell, her doctor Duzell (his original form) and Duzell pretending to be Ishtar. Not only do they manage to create chaos, they also drive everyone around them almost completely crazy.

Later on when two characters finally realize that they both know/suspect who Duzell is, their relief at the validation is very entertaining. Plus then there are comments like “This family is weird. All the men are more beautiful than the women.” which gets Duzell smacked soundly by Ishtar. She is one of the women from this family after all.

Combine all of this with a good plot, detailed characters and you have a coming of age story which is not only fun, but great because every teenager should have a Vampire King around to get them out of scrapes.

This is one manga that makes for an great read and is still funny during the re-read.


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