Death’s Rival – Jane Yellowrock #5 by Faith Hunter

Posted: November 6, 2012 by Arushi in Book Review
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Death's Rival

Death’s Rival is the 5th Jane Yellowrock novel.

Jane, the protagonist, is a shapeshifting skinwalker, who also has Beast, the soul of a mountain lion (puma concolor), inside her. She is a ‘rogue vampire’ hunter, who comes to New Orleans in the first book to work for the vampires there.

A lot has happened in the past 4 books.

Jane started out as a vampire hunter, who was not averse to taking contracts even from vampires. After all, money speaks and vampires have a lot of it. Now, she is in the (almost) permanent employ of Leo Pellisier, the Master of the City of New Orleans.

She is a lot of things, a bodyguard, an investigator, a solver of violent problems (or a violent solution to problems), and sometimes an errand boy. She is too deeply enmeshed into the vampire world and she knows it.

They still have no clue as to what she is, but they have figured out that she is not human.

This novel starts with Jane having doubts. She is not sure if she really wants to keep working for the vamps considering what they are doing to her sense of morality and her life in general. They have made her become practical (read callous) regarding even human life, and she is not sure how she likes such a change in herself.

But she has a very strong sense of responsibility and she cannot leave, not when Leo and his clan might be in danger from an unknown foe. They are her charges, and she did swear to protect them.

Still, Jane makes a lot of progress in this novel as a character. She learns more about her past, about who she is, her people (not just the Cherokee, but also the Skinwalkers), she learns some more about why she acts the way she does and her instincts.

She has also made some friends outside the vampire circle. Well, friends might be pushing it a bit, but that is the way it is. New characters who were only loyal to Jane were needed, and Eli and Alex Younger do that really well. The older brother Eli is brawn while the younger Alex is brains (with lots of hacking ability). I loved the interactions between them and Jane, and am looking forward to that partnership in the future.

She does have a VERY complicated love life, but then again, when has she not? There is Ricky-Bo, Bruiser, Leo and maybe perhaps Eli. Yeah…. really complicated. But I do not underestimate the ability of the people involved to screw it up.

I liked the book a lot, probably because I had low expectations due to some stuff I had heard. So that worked out. Still, I am hoping that the next book will solve some issues relating to the number of guys in Jane’s life.. coz its getting out of hand right now.

The plot was good and there was less running around without a single clue as to what was going on. Things were falling into place, but were not blatantly obvious. I do wonder as to why Leo keeps Katie as his heir though. She is perfectly useless, as demonstrated time and again. Gregoire as secundo at least gets the job done. (A vampire MOC has one Heir and then a Secundo.)

Leo too… well he is another problem. He has the whole, ‘the good of all before one’ thing down pat. Except, I wonder how long it’ll be before he pushes too much and Jane reaches saturation point. He needs to know that some people cannot be bound.

Everyone has evolved, shown more colors of their personalities, and overall, this series keeps on improving with an astounding cast of characters.

I will be waiting for the next book, not quite patiently.

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