The Fated Couple

Posted: October 27, 2012 by Arushi in Thoughts
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So I am back to PNR and UF and the common themes that run through them. This one is actually somewhat missing from UF simply because the focus in UF is not on the romance. It is naught but a by-product of the plot.

In PNR though, romance is the main driving force behind the plot. One of the most common plot devices used to get couples together is the ‘fated mate’ device. Basically, these two people are meant to be together, hence they are madly (usually) attracted to each other, are willing to over look flaws, and most importantly will let this one person get close to them when they have not allowed someone to do so for centuries.

There are other aspects to this, as it basically means that this person compliments the other perfectly, they cannot live without each other (sometimes literally), kids, and also that they are finally not alone.

But it is the perfect ice breaker. I mean, there is not much choice in the matter. Fate has chosen for you, and you have to woo this person or be single forever. If fate is being nice, this person is also attracted to you, and after several trials etc. you will get your HEA.

It actually works very well in romance. I mean… the initial process of finding the right person is eliminated. Here is Mr./Miss. Right, ripe for the picking and this person will never cheat/betray/leave because it is simply not an option available to them. Also, there is almost always a way to gain immortality there for the human.

The flip side, which is almost never shown, is kind of scary. What if the weaker human did not love the much stronger immortal? What if he/she is trapped in this relationship? Also, what happens to this perfect world if these two people do not fall madly in love? What if there is no chemistry? What if after several centuries, they realize that they are done with each other?

It is also hard to comprehend why there is no generation gap among these immortals and people from the 21st century. I cannot see problems not cropping up. I believe someone being over protective might be charming for a day at most but then the binds would chaff. Would the girl be able to tell the guy to get lost and would he leave or turn into a stalker?

So many agendas but this is the world of paranormal romance, and not reality. Maybe I should not think so much, but while I am okay with having supernatural creatures around in books, I am not okay with them not acting like real people. (A few friends have also commented that the same thing bothers them as well).

Maybe we’re too picky. Maybe we should just sit back and enjoy, but I would rather have real people in an unreal world. Otherwise I disconnect from the whole thing and it becomes just another book in a multitude, and if it cannot stand out, then why am I wasting my time on it?

At the end of the day, when a book that has characters that feel real, no matter what species they belong to, comes around, I know I have found something precious, because real people make any world come to life as little else can.

  1. Zeenat says:

    I would rather have real people in an unreal world, too! If you already have fantasy elements, why do you need realism to balance it out.

    The problem UF has not that love is always fated–but that it’s obvious who the author is in favor of, or who the character’s happy ending is. That annoys me. I like it when the main character goes through a lot of life changes, which include dating and different people coming into his or her life. Not in a “whorish” way, but like real life. I think the fact that the guy we meet is the only one she is attracted to that strongly and NEEDS him, and then she dates one or two other people, but ends up with the first guy–it feels a lot like the fated couple scenario without the magic. Just as unrealistic.

    • Arushi says:

      I had forgotten about how things work in UF, but that is so true. The heroine will date multiple people but will only be really attracted to this one person. There are really very few good triangles (Grave Witch is the only one I can think of atm). Over all, it becomes quite predictable and is not the way it happens in real life. I am not saying I can do better, but that I am always looking to read something that is better 🙂 And damn but aren’t we happy when we find it (KC’s books).

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