Posted: October 18, 2012 by Arushi in TV Review
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I finished watching the second season of ROME a few days ago only to realize that there is no third season. It is an excellent show and so I was quite disappointed.

I loved the visuals, the characters, the plot, the depth given to everything, the whole ambiance. It is an utter delight to watch. Yes, I will be watching the first two seasons again, eventually. Can’t really help that.

I wish there had been more, but we can’t have everything we want.

Season 1 starts off with Julius Caesar (52 BC) and Season 2 continues on till Octavian strengthens his hold on Rome and defeats Anthony (31 BC). These two seasons do cover a lot, and are really good about giving a glimpse into Roman life. Its a great, if violent, history lesson.

There were times when the show felt like a moderate version of Spartacus.. (Caesar was after Spartacus’s time though) and there were other times when it felt like that humans had not changed all that much in the past two thousand or so years. Still the same scheming, plotting people that we used to be.


After all, we survived 2000 years since then, so I am hoping that as we’ve not changed all that much, we might survive another 2000. Not that I would be alive to care, but still. Good to know.

Leaving my philosophy aside, the show has quite a few characters that I absolutely adore. One of them is Mark Anthony. Its interesting how I never thought much of him after reading the plays (yes I know I should watch plays, not read them) but after the show, I really wished he had survived.

Not because he was a better ruler than Octavian, but rather because he seemed honest to himself. Also, probably because even though I might not want to admit it, I am a romantic at heart and Anthony makes for a great romantic hero. Albeit one that dies. Or maybe I like him because of it. Who knows? He’s just likable and the looks do help.

Another really cool thing about the show was that the lives of two common (ish) soldiers was interlaced with all the political events to give a feel of the life of the normal people from that time. They started out as rivals and then went on to become the greatest of friends, always loyal to each other. Also, since they seemed to be in different places upon many occasions, it was a fine way to find out what was happening where.

In general, I’d say if you like shows that have anything to do with history, and don’t mind it being a bit too realistically graphic, this is not a show to be missed. I do say it years after the show came out, but hey, better late then never.

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