Fury’s Kiss by Karen Chance

Posted: October 8, 2012 by Arushi in Book Review

Fury's Kiss

When I finished Fury’s Kiss by Karen Chance I had this happy feeling like being in a shop full of chocolates and all my favorites were being given out for free.

It is the third book in the Dorina Basarab series, which is a spin-off of the Cassandra Palmer series that currently has five books. I’ve read all of these and the many short stories (4+8) that are set in this world. This is to provide context to the fact as to how desperately I had been waiting for this book.

It was totally worth the wait. Completely. Absolutely.

Just a premise… Dorina is a dhampir, a 500 year old half human-half vampire, and the daughter of one of the most powerful vampires in the North American Senate. He might have his (many) faults, but one thing can be said of Mircea Basarab, he is extremely protective of his family, including the daughter he should never have had.

Dhampir’s are the natural enemies of vampires but recently Dory has been working for the Senate in hunting rogue Vampires. There is a war going on and they needed the muscle (Mircea is also very persuasive).

Nothing much can explain Dory, but this might help: “I looked like the daughter of Dracula – which was unfair, since he was only an uncle.” 

The book is beautifully done. The plot is extremely intricate (but then I would never expect any less from Karen Chance) and builds upon everything that happened in the last two books. And I do mean everything. Every nuance of Dory’s personality is explored, every tiny details leads to something.. and there is usually a monster around the corner, whose ass Dory promptly kicks.

There are quite a few things happening in FK and they are somehow all connected together. The problem is, no one can figure out how. There is a smuggling ring the (Vampire) Senate has been trying to quash for a while now, and the smugglers, and the competition for the Senate seats is drawing to a close, and Marlowe (yes he is that Marlowe and he is also the Spymaster of the North American Senate) is actually around ( a LOT), and Louis Cesare is constantly hitting on Dory if what he does can be called something so déclassé, and Mircea is suddenly forthcoming, and Ray, no, not talking about him or Radu because those two are something else entirely in their own unique ways.

There are mages, fey, vampires all over the place and even one half-dragon thrown in(who is finally acting like a Dragon instead of being the vegan) for good measure. Add that to the fact that there was not a single slow moment in this book’s 536 pages. Not one. It was not a breathless crazy ride. It was exactly what it should have been: fast paced, action packed but still having moments that were truly poignant. Whether they be romantic, between LC and Dory (him being ‘little spoon’) or Mircea and Dory finally having a few father and daughter moments, or even Marlowe and Radu showing their protective sides.

Some of the side characters too really got a chance to grow in this book like Claire, Aesubrand, Marlowe, Radu, Ray (with his head on this time around) and even Zheng-Zi (aka Scarface).

If you are already in the know, you do not need me to tell you to read FK because you either already have your copy or are doing your best to get it. If you have not given this series a try, and like supernatural fiction, I would really really recommend it.

I only hope that soon Cassie really makes Dory’s acquaintance. When Mircea is around. I think most of the vampire, mage and even fey population would pay to see that one.

I am left craving for more and I know, just know that the next Cassie book will have to deal with this:

“Come and take your seat, Lady Dorina.”

  1. No wonder you were suggesting me books to read. 😛

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