Posted: October 6, 2012 by Arushi in Thoughts


They’re such an interesting contradiction. Your conversation with someone may leave you smiling widely, happy as you can be, and then talking to that same person an hour or two later may lead to the two of you getting angry or annoyed.

I had a conversation with a lovely lady this morning. A lady I have never met in my life, and probably never will. A lady who speaks somewhat broken English, and yet she made my day.. because she was a sweetheart. Because while she may not remember my name 5 minutes after we spoke, I brought her good news. News which probably made her day.

Now I have to call her again and I have this feeling that things will get screwed. That this time, she will have burned out her quota of being nice to the kid sitting around a 1000 miles away from her and speaking in a language she is not fluent in. The charm would have worn off.

Maybe I am just cynical. Who knows. I have been called that and called naive as well. I am not even sure what do I prefer to be.

But none of these things change the facts. She is an amazing lady and I have to call her and talk. After all, whether we’re happy about it or not, the details need to be sorted. The facts laid bare.

Maybe this time will be just as good as the last, maybe better. Or maybe I am right in my paranoia. Then again, maybe this time she will remember my name. Maybe.

  1. Scary haan? People are plain annoying. Don’t bother.

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